A System for Housing Estate Management

Innovative System Management Platform

offers reliable logistics management for your everyday housing estate needs. The platform provides a space for effective communication with residents along with other essential services.

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is an innovative system for managing housing estates online

is a complex tool including:

  • Owners' register
  • Spaces register
  • Owners' payments records
  • Bank operations records
  • Administrators' and owners' advertisements
  • Reports of issues and defects by owners
  • File sharing to owners


Shares electronic channels of communication between the administrators and owners:

  • Resident`s account with contained reports and a possibility for configuration by the administrator
  • Emails including automatic account balance chnage
  • Outstanding payments, important deadlines, and any alerts sent by the administrators

Modern approach

  • sends data between the user's computer and server in the form of SSL encryption.This option appears for the users as a lock icon, next to the web address. As a result we can be sure, our data is not visible for other users. The system is being run on professional servers, which ensures extreme data safety
  • The security features are meant to assure everyday data and system backup, and prevent the excess of information to maximise the system performance
  • helps in media accounting, and carrying on meater records

A combination of register, accounting, and communication. As a result, it enables you to manage all the data.

Terms of use

  • The terms of use does not restrict the number of positions, or operating system
  • Administrator can manage multiple housing estates from a single andministrator panel
  • The system enables carrying polls through e-mails, which increases attendance record up to ninety percent
  • is constantly developing, considering administrators' and managers' feedback
  • The membership price is being calculated based on the number of flats (one owner can own multiple flats)

A fusion of register, accounting, voting, and communication system. As a result, it enables you to manage all the data.


  • system enables each resident to log in at any time, and to look through his details, such as bank statements, meter readings, polls, gallery, files, and announcements
  • system avaliable for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS operational systems. You can also manage the system from multiple mobile devices, such as tablets, smartphones, and phones (with installed WWW supporting XHTML and JavaScript). The only thing you need is a device with the internet connection
Owner panel








  • One month free!
  • Full version available
  • Call support
  • Simple guide
  • No restrictions
  • Quick registration
  • No hidden charges

Free monthly trial !

30 days to test the platform


New in

  • Extra formats of bank statements
  • Prints with option to choose the note date
  • Extra billing areas
  • Resending e-mail
  • Adding and editing of settlements
  • Settling accounts with an option to choose multiple room types

We aim for further development through customer service. The platform is being consistantly upgrated and adjusted to our users's needs.


  • How to add resident's opening statement?
  • A meter exchange or owner change?
  • Can one owner have multiple flats?
  • Is it possible to bulk print all the charges for the residents?
  • How to set up the opening statement for advance payments?
  • How to edit the prints
  • How to set up automatic bank transfer assignment to the resdient?

Here, you can find the most often asked by our clients questions


Price list

  • - up to 50 owners - 35,74 zł
  • - up to 100 owners - 50,04 zł
  • - up to 150 owners - 71,49 zł
  • - up to 200 owners - 114,39 zł
  • - over 1000 owners - the price calculated individually

Monthly subscription price depends on the number of owners

Contact us to negotiate the monthly subsription price if the number of living quarters exceeds 250.
E-mail: info@wosiedle.pl